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Where Craft Meets Art

Ace Custom Copper is Veteran Owned Business dedicated to designing and creating quality items for our customers.

──●◎●──    Our Story

“Where Craft Meets Art”

Growing up in the Millers Creek area of beautiful Wilkes County North Carolina Moonshine has been part of my Family Heritage for generations.


Wilkes County was the Moonshine capital of the world - a title given to Wilkes County, NC back in the 1950's by U.S. Federal Revenue officers that were sent in to attempt to stop the moonshine activity that was rampant within the county.  In the early 1900's, moonshining was the most effective and, in most cases the only source of income.  There was high demand for high quality white liquor in North Carolina and the rest of the United States.


Ace Custom Copper is a small US Army Veteran owned and operated business focused on designing and building high quality items that are fully functional hand-crafted works of art.

I believe in treating every customer as if they were one of my close friends or family members.  My mission is to build the best distillation unit available and provide service second to none. I treat every customer order as if I were building it for myself.

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Moonshine Stills

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Mini to 7 Gallon Stills

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10 to 15 Gallon Stills

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20 to 40 Gallon Stills