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Thumper second distills and purifies alcohol vapors resulting in higher proof.


**Orders are filled based on date received** average lead time is currently ~ 2 months**




10 gallon thumper



Comes standard built with 20 oz/22 gauge copper

4 Inch Fruit Port

Ball Valve Drain





The thumper’s inlet runs all the way to the bottom. The outlet barely protrudes into the top of the thump keg, allowing the vapors to escape with ease, keeping pressure to a minimum. The 4 Inch fruit port on top makes it easy to add fruit or other ingredients in the thumper to infuse flavors. All tubing is deburred and chamfered to allow your fittings to connect without hassle. The thumper has a ball valve drain port installed for easy drainage after your run.


Something often overlooked: the seams! We put thick, beautiful seams on all of our equipment. Our solder work is what you expect in a high quality still.

10 Gallon Thumper

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