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Worm condenser cools the alcohol vapor back to a liquid, cold water circulates from the bottom of the can & drains from the top.


5 gallon worm


Comes standard built with 20 oz/22 gauge copper

1/2" OD tubing

Built in water inlet and outlet ports


The worm condenser comes standard with water inlets and outlets to cycle cold water in the can, which allows your shine to cool down more efficiently. The worm coil has 15 foot of 1/2 OD copper tubing. It is designed to be used with a hose, or a water pump. All tubing is deburred and chamfered to allow your fittings to connect without hassle. The top of the worm is rolled over to give you a nice smooth edge, promote safety against cuts and add strength.

Something often overlooked: the seams! We put thick, beautiful seams on all of our equipment. Our solder work is what you expect in a high quality still.

5 Gallon Worm

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