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Custom 10 Gallon Fat Body Moonshine Still


**Orders are filled based on date received** average lead time is currently ~ 2 to 3 months**



*** Contact Me if you would prefer to do a deposit order****

*** Deposit orders require 50% of the total cost at time of order and the remainder will be due at pickup or prior to shipment****


I only use Paul Revere 99.999% pure lead free 20oz copper, 95/5 silver solder, lead free liquid flux and lead free pipe, fittings and valves


Please contact me to customize


10 gal fat body pot with 20oz copper

Replaceable  Ball Valve Drain

2' Tri Clamp Electric Port



Custom Cap 9.5” tall x6” diameter with vacuum relief valve, Temp gauge


1” line arm from pot to worm with all Tri Clamp Connections 


3.5 gal thumper with

4” Tri Clamp Fruit Port

Replaceable  Ball Valve Drain


3.5 Gal Worm with 3/8 OD Coil


In and out Hose connections with Ball Valve

Custom 10 Gallon Fat Body Moonshine Still

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