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Custom 50 Gallon Moonshine Still


**Orders are filled based on date received** average lead time is currently ~ 2 months**


*** Contact Me if you would prefer to do a deposit order****

*** Deposit orders require 50% of the total cost at time of order and the remainder will be due at pickup or prior to shipment****


** Shipping Must Be Arranged Before Order is Placed - Pickup Preferred****


I use Paul Revere 99.999% pure lead free copper, 95/5 silver solder, lead free liquid flux and lead free pipe, fittings and valves


Please contact me to customize


50 gallon Copper pot with:

4” Tri Clamp Cap

1” Ball Valve Drain

Temperature Gauge


1” to 1/2” line arm with Tri clamp connections


7 gal thumper with

4” Tri Clamp Fruit Port with Sight Glass

3/4” Ball Valve Drain


7 Gal Worm with 1/2 OD Coil

In and out Hose connections with Ball Valve

50 Gallon Moonshine Still

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